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SEMPER is a European R&D project in the area of secure electronic commerce over open networks, especially the Internet. It is executed by an interdisciplinary consortium, combining experts from social sciences, finance, retail, publishing, IT and telecommunications, and has established liaisons with several related efforts.

SEMPER is part of the European Commission's ACTS Programme (Advanced Communications Technologies and Services), executing Task 503. Funding is provided by the partner organisations, the European Union and the Swiss Federal Department for Education and Science.

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For pointers to information on secure electronic commerce outside SEMPER click here (collected by SIRENE).


17 July 2000
Revised version of Deliverable D12: Evaluation of Enhanced Trials
12 Mai 2000
Final Report
13 Aug 1999
Deliverable D12: Evaluation of Enhanced Trials
30 Jun 1999
Fair Internet Trader Simulator (Version 2.1)
28 Jun 1999
"Die vielen Milliarden Euro Umsatz im E-commerce werden wohl nicht immer konfliktfrei die Besitzer wechseln"; Gespräch mit Arnd Weber Juni 1999; "zum Thema:" Nr. 30, 28.6.1999 (in German)
11 Mar 1999
Deliverable D10: Advanced Services, Architecture and Design
2 Dec 1998
Secure Electronic MarketPlace for EuRope -- Quick summary and some conclusions; presentation on open issues in secure electronic commerce, given at the IST '98 conference in Vienna
25 Nov 1998
New general presentation on security problems solved by SEMPER
6 Nov 1998
Presentations (in PDF) of the 2nd Public SEMPER Workshop, Rüschlikon, Switzerland, November 4th, 1998.
29 Oct 98
New technical report on open issues in secure electronic commerce.
28 Aug 98
New Status Report on the SEMPER Framework and paper on A Design Pattern for Implementing Robust Protocol Machines in Java.
29 May 98
New publications on risks in implementation of digital signatures and dispute handling in payment systems.
31 Mar 98
Press release: "SEMPER" Security on the Internet: Advanced European E-Business Prototype Goes Online (also in German)
22 Mar 98
Poster on SEMPER
5 Mar 98
Slideshow presented at TEN-Telecom Workshop, Brussels, 4 March 1998
10 Dec 97
Public Deliverable on New Payment Instruments Prototype
24 Sep 97
Slideshow presented at
21 Sep 97
Several new reports added:

25 Jul 97
Updated JAVA bindings of SEMPER APIs
19 Dec 96
Public Deliverable on Survey Findings, Trial Requirements, and Legal Framework
18 Dec 96
Slides presented at CommerceNet Global Summit 1996
10 Dec 96
Reports on Optimistic Protocols for Fair Exchange
4 Dec 96
Revised Overview of Payment Manager
3 Dec 96
Public Deliverable on Architecture of Payment Gateway
4 Oct 96
Slides of the SEMPER presentations at PKS'96, Oct. 2nd 1996, Zürich
4 Oct 96
Paper and slides presented at ESORICS 96, Sept. 1996, Rome
3 Oct 96
Public Deliverable on Basic Services: Architecture and Design
16 July 96
Public Mailing Lists
7 May 96
Presentation on SEMPER (1. Deutscher Internet Kongress, Karlsruhe, 7 May 1996) -- Superseded by ESORICS presentation.
1 May 96
Updated report on Electronic Payment Systems
21 Mar 96
Summary of Payment Manager
19 Feb 96
Summary of Objectives and Initial Architecture of SEMPER -- Superseded by ESORICS presentation.
2 Nov 95
Press release: European Commission funds first open solution for secure commerce over the internet (also in German)

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