SEMPER proposes a generic and open security architecture designed for electronic commerce over insecure networks. The approach makes security tools available to business applications while shielding the latter against the diversity of tools, their evolution and implementation characteristics.

The main features of SEMPER include an enhanced trustworthy user interface providing control on critical aspects of electronic transactions, dynamic adaptation to an open-ended set of business practices, ubiquitous and comparative negotiations, signed offers, orders, and receipts, contract signing, secure delivery of files and streams, a rich and open-ended set of payment instruments, reliable transactions, support for multiple certification schemes, anonymity, trust management, and dispute handling, completed by legal agreements designed to establish a legally predictable context.

The SEMPER simulator demonstrates the key features of SEMPER by means of the Fair Internet Trader, which a real copy would enable you to securely conduct negotiation and fully perform business transactions on the Internet, as an enterprise or as an individual.

With the simulator, you will be able to:

Note: for demonstration purpose only, the simulation is performed by a Java applet that brings the SEMPER trustworthy user interface to your screen through the Internet. The user interface of a real SEMPER-based system would not be made accessible through the network. It stays local to the user's system.