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The SIRENE Topics & Projects and Publication lists were frozen in August, 2002 and will not be updated anymore. The pointer farm, however, is still maintained!

SIRENE Topics and Projects

SIRENE is a loosely collaborating group of researchers from different organizations. We share an interest in security and privacy. In particular, we work on multi-party security (also called multi-lateral), i.e., security without global trust, and where everybody can be held responsible for their actions. This even works in combination with privacy. Our application areas are electronic commerce, medicine, and mobile communication. We also work on more theoretical cryptology and distributed systems.

Our publications will give you a good impression of our research. More information is available for some of our former projects (in alphabetic order):


This is a loosely defined list of people who have something to do with this archive, at least archiving some of their publications here.

Disclaimer: We removed outdated information from this section.

Klaus Kursawe
Birgit Pfitzmann,
Matthias Schunter,
Michael Waidner,
Birgit Baum-Waidner,
N. Asokan,
Andre Adelsbach,
Matthias Schunter,
Andre Adelsbach,
Ahmad Sadeghi,
Andre Adelsbach,
Michael Steiner,
Christian Stüble,
Ammar Alkassar,
Alexander Geraldy,
Gerrit Bleumer,
Sebastian Clauß,
Elke Franz,
Herbert Klimant,
Stefan Köpsel,
Andreas Pfitzmann,
Sandra Steinbrecher,
Oliver Berthold,
Hannes Federrath,
Heinrich Langos,
Marit Hansen,


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